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Welcome To Crohasits.com

The goal of this aesome website is directed towards providing PC gamers with these latest game releases. These game releases are functionable and stimulate minor characteristics of an actual copy of a game, however these games contain limited functionality, thus not qualifying them to be given the title of an “actual copy” – by this, we hereby state that these games do not contain: the multiplayer functionality, future updates to additional in-game content, and the ability to add dlc’s. At crohasits.com, we believe in providing gamers with “extended demos” of the latest games will empower them with the advantage of trialing a game, before their actual purchase of a full copy at any retailer. We also do not encourage the dis-acknowledgement of any game developer/franchise whatsoever; we instead encourage gamers to go out and purchase the actual copy of the game once they have made enough use of the extended demos we provide them with, in order to support their favorite developers, as well as gain these fully-functioning gaming experience of any game released.

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